Video on Lubrication Basics for Machinery Operators

Noria Corporation
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Lubrication Basics for Machinery Operators Video


Now you can train operators and mechanics to recognize early signs of lubrication-related problems in 30 minutes. Noria’s video “Lubrication Basics for Machinery Operators” provides brief, concise information on:

  • Grease gun basics and safety
  • Checking oil levels and topping off sumps
  • The function of lubricant additives
  • The importance of contamination control
  • Cleaning and inspecting machinery
  • Avoiding water contamination during wash downs
  • Inspections for onsite used grease
  • Visual and audible inspection techniques
  • Oil sump and machine temperature inspections
  • How to inspect for oil leaks
  • The critical role of lubrication in machinery
  • Machine lock out-tag out requirements
  • The negative impact of mixing lubricants
  • Basics of viscosity and lubricant selection
  • Types of lubricant contaminants and damage caused

Whether your company subscribes to operator-based autonomous maintenance or dedicated lubrication technicians, having your operators trained in lubrication basics cannot be overstated. With this new training video, your operators will learn the basics of operator-based lubrication inspections quickly and easily. They will have the knowledge to ensure that routine lubrication inspections and top-offs are performed with precision and accuracy.

You’ll use this video to train existing personnel and new hires for years to come.

LICENSE: Unlimited use at one facility or location
LENGTH: 28 minutes
PRODUCED BY: Noria Corporation

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