Kano Labs shares Plant Maintenance Tips and Tricks

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Kano Laboratories offers 100 ideas for solving common maintenance problems in a free pamphlet, “Maintenance Ideas by Kano Laboratories”. As a leading producer of industrial lubricants and specialty chemicals for 64 years, Kano has compiled scores of maintenance tricks over the decades, most of which were submitted by Kano product users. Here are a few of the 100 ideas offered in the pamphlet:

Air-driven tools: “For storage, we completely cover our air-driven tools, inside and out, with Kroil, and have never yet had a stuck vane or valve.

Diesel engines: “Kano Kreen is very effective at keeping diesel engines running at their peak. We use a quart and a half of Kreen in the crank case and approximately three pints in gas tanks with a capacity of 50 gallons.”

Vise: “I had a very old vice in the garage for many years and it was a total rusty mess. I put ExRust to the test and was amazed at the way it cleaned up the vise.”

For more information or to receive a free copy of Kano's maintenance ideas pamphlet, call 615-833-4101; send a fax to 615-833-5790, send a written request to P.O. Box 110098, Nashville, TN 37222; or visit the Kano Web site at www.kanolaboratories.com.

Kano Laboratories is a manufacturer of industrial and specialty chemicals, rust removers and lubricating products. The company is headquartered in Nashville.

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