Bell Performance Celebrates 100th Anniversary

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Bell Performance – a chemical company that produces fuel and oil performance products for power generation, industrial and consumer products – is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2009.


R.J. Bell developed the first fuel additive in 1909. The next breakthrough, which made additives what they are today, came in 1927 when he perfected his multi-functional gas additive, MIX-I-GO. Bell Laboratory remained a family-owned company even after Bell’s death in 1956. In 1972, a group of investors, including the current owner, Charles Williams, purchased the company. In 1987, Charles and Ola Williams purchased all the stock in Bell and changed the name to Bell Additives, better reflecting the function of the company, while retaining the heritage and values of the business started by R.J. Bell 80 years earlier.


“Today, the most important ingredient in our company remains our customer,” stated the company in a press release to mark the anniversary. “We are not doing our customers a favor by serving them. Rather, they are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so. We look forward to serving you and providing you the best products available to protect and prolong the life of your investment.”


Bell Performance’s products improve combustion and overall fuel performance through the use of its proprietary products.


Bell Performance products include:

·        ATOM-IX – additive for boilers and open flame furnaces that provides increased environmental conditions by greatly reducing pollution and increasing performance

·        Dee-Zol – concentrated formulation is designed to prevent the aging of diesel fuel

·        Marine Dee-Zol – formulated to solve many fuel-related marine application problems

·        Super-Tane – mixed to increase the cetane rating of any diesel fuel used in diesel engines

·        Mix-I-Go – multi-purpose gasoline additive for automobiles, motorcycles, power equipment and all related gasoline-powered engines

·        DFS Plus – diesel fuel supplement with surfactant to control water in diesel fuel

·        X-Tra Lube – lubricant that efficiently resurfaces metal surfaces when used regularly

·        Cold Flow Improver – prevents gelling of diesel fuels during cold weather conditions

·        Dee-Zol Life – concentrated formulation that is designed to prevent the aging of diesel fuel

·        Single-treat Mix-I-Go, Dee-Zol, and X-Tra Lube for the consumer/retail markets


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