Gasoila Offers Easy-to-Use Water-Finding Pastes

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A complete line of gauging pastes for the petroleum market is now available from Gasoila Chemicals. Available through leading distributors domestically and internationally, the products include Gasoila All-Purpose Water Finding Paste, Regular Water Finding Paste and Gas Gauging Paste. 


“Gasoila gauging pastes have become the ‘go-to’ solutions for water detection in all forms of petroleum products,” said Dave Johnson, national sales manager for Gasoila Chemicals.


The complete line of Gasoila pastes are available in both plastic tubes and jars. All of the pastes require minimal cleanup and are much easier to use than messy metal tubes.


Ideal for E10 applications, Gasoila All-Purpose Water Finding Paste (part #AP02) instantly changes to a yellow-green color when it comes into contact with water in any petroleum application, including ethanol and methanol blends, diesel, kerosene, #2 oil, JP-4, JP-5 and others. Available in two-ounce tubes, this exclusive gauging paste is an ideal way to detect phase separation in ethanol blends.  Each tube is individually packaged with easy-to-read 4-color application instructions that clearly show various paste color changes that occur when the paste comes in contact with water.  


Recently reformulated, Gasoila Regular Water Finding Paste also detects water in fuel storage tanks and is highly effective with gasoline, diesel and other hydrocarbon products, sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids, ammonia, soap solutions and other chloride solutions. The water finding paste turns from mustard yellow to red when it comes in contact with water. It is available in three-ounce jars and 2.5-ounce tubes.


Gasoila Gas Gauging Paste indicates levels of gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, crude and refined oils, jet fuels and more in fuel storage tanks. The paste is green in color and changes to white when it comes into contact with any petroleum-based products. It is available in three-ounce jars.

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Gasoila Chemicals, a Federal Process Company, offers a diverse line of quality products for the petroleum, plumbing, LP Gas, HVAC, automotive and general industrial markets. From industrial thread sealants and cutting oils to gas gauging pastes and industrial cleaning chemicals, Gasoila has long been the professional’s choice for tough, reliable chemical products that get the job done.

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