NSK Reduces Customer Costs with Extended Bearing Life

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NSK Corporation announced the introduction of its bearing reconditioning program. As the economy continues its descent into recession, businesses are evaluating every dollar they spend, aiming to cut costs without sacrificing quality and performance. Because bearings are critical in virtually every manufacturing and industrial application, they are the ideal place to explore cost reduction opportunities.


No industry is immune to the current economic climate, especially the hard-hit manufacturing sector. NSK offers a cost-effective method of reconditioning bearings to prevent costly replacement and reduce downtime associated with damaged bearings. Utilizing a reconditioning program also aids in reducing the potential long lead times of purchasing new bearings.


Paper mill bearings and many other types of bearings can be excellent candidates for the reconditioning program. "Bearing reconditioning is a precise science that provides superior results that extend the life of existing bearings, eliminating the need to discard or replace valuable parts," says NSK segment manager Donald Robertson. "Bearings reconditioned by NSK are just as reliable and perform just as well as their new counterparts, which makes them a cost-effective option for our customers seeking to reduce bearing replacement costs."


NSK's reconditioning program is generating significant cost savings for customers. For instance, after being contacted by a global paper company to improve the current cost-saving program at a Michigan mill, NSK was able to save the company more than $75,000 by inspecting and reconditioning existing bearings, thereby avoiding complete replacement. NSK was also able to help the mill track and monitor the bearings during the reconditioning process, offering additional efficiencies for the mill.


Bearing damage can result from many factors – incorrect lubrication, improper installation, misalignment, excessive heat and vibration – all of which are every day challenges in industrial applications. NSK's reconditioning process can combat the effects of damage and significantly extend bearing life.

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