Chain Lubrication Solution Keeps Tereos Sugar Plant Running

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During the sugar process, the beets pulp goes through a diffuser to extract the juice from the pulp. The diffuser, 10 meters large on 20 meters long, is equipped with large roller chain conveyors.


Exposed to the elements, the conveyor is working under extreme conditions: external temperature variations between the beginning and the end of the sugar campaign, but also the diffuser environment (humidity, steam, etc.). The conveyor roller water tightness is then essential to avoid any chain break during the campaign. This water tightness is related to reliable lubrication system, injecting the grease directly inside each roller.


A competitor lubrication system formerly installed didn't satisfy the customer as it was not ensuring perfect roller water tightness. The solution SKF proposed is a grease injection system, fully automatic. Adapted to the rough environments, the SKF lubrication system is also monitoring the lubrication of each roller which guarantees their good water tightness and thus avoids unplanned production stops.


Installed for several months, the system has reduced maintenance costs and improved the overall energy efficiency of the diffuser. As a result, the customer is planning to equip its second diffuser beginning 2009 with SKF customized lubrication system.


SKF is a leading global supplier in the areas of bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. The group's service offer includes technical support, maintenance services, engineering consultancy and training. SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has 15,000 distributor locations worldwide. The group's annual sales 2007 were SEK 58,559 million. The number of employees was 42,888.

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