WD-40 Wants You to Create Next WD-40 Product

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

WD-40 Company is partnering with Edison Nation to give consumers a chance to create the next great WD-40 product.


Individuals can submit ideas for a new WD-40 product or an innovation to the original WD-40 by May 20 at EdisonNation.com. If a product concept is chosen, the inventor will receive a $2,500 minimum advance payment, a percentage of sales for up to 20 years and an opportunity to see the product sold through retail or industrial channels.


“It took a few people and 40 attempts to get the formula right for WD-40, but the product is now a staple in millions of homes across the world,” said Garry Ridge, president and CEO of WD-40 Company. “We’ve benefited from the creative energies and technical expertise of scientists, inventors, designers and thinkers, and are looking forward to hearing more innovative ideas through this product search.”


Edison Nation was founded by the creators of PBS’ Emmy award-winning show, Everyday Edisons. The company takes ideas for products from individuals and connects them with manufacturers or retailers that can help commercialize the concepts. Product searches are coordinated through EdisonNation.com, the company’s online Web 2.0 community, which allows individuals to safely submit their intellectual property. A $25 fee is assessed for each entry to offset a portion of the costs to review all submissions.


“When people told us they kept losing the little red straws off their WD-40 cans, we created the WD-40 Smart Straw can, which has the straw permanently attached,” said Ridge. “WD-40 Company is looking for product ideas like these that offer unique value and innovative solutions to help our end-users continue to get the job done.”


For more information on the live product search, visit wd40.com/EdisonNation.

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