Quaker State Gets Backing From Motorsports Powerhouse

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

Hendrick Motorsports, winners of eight NASCAR Cup championships, including the last three with Jimmie Johnson, knows they have one less thing to worry about each week because they have Quaker State racing oil coursing through all of their engines. With that in mind, the organization is supporting Quaker State in its challenge to major competitors to end the motor oil "Wear Wars."


"Every team literally has hundreds of variables to worry about in the car each race, but one thing we never have to think about is the racing oil," said Jeff Andrews, director of engine operations for Hendrick Motorsports. "Quaker State always delivers consistent performance for us, and they are one of our most vital technology partners. We're completely confident backing them in the engine wear challenge."


On March 20, Quaker State issued a challenge to its competitors. A letter was sent from Steve Harman to the executives responsible for Mobil 1, Castrol and Valvoline, and a reprint of that exact letter was published in a full-page advertisement in USA Today to make the motoring public aware of the challenge.


The motor oil comparison was an effort to clarify the ongoing advertising campaigns boasting comparative wear protection claims. With some of the leading lubricant manufacturers included in the comparisons, Quaker State sought to confront the competition in a test that would provide consumers with the hard facts behind the wear protection numbers. Quaker State sought to put an end to the "Wear War."


For more information on this challenge, the ASTM Sequence IVA wear test, and the full line-up of Quaker State products, visit www.QuakerState.com.

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