Lubricant Manufacturer Selects Chemical Software from Deacom

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Deacom Inc. on March 31 announced that lubricant and specialty chemical manufacturer D-A Lubricant Company Inc. has licensed the DEACOM Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System. The DEACOM ERP System will integrate all of D-A Lubricant's business processes, including purchasing, sales, formulation, inventory control and lot tracking, production, and accounting, in a single chemical software system.


D-A Lubricant previously used a heavily customized business software system, alongside separate programs and manual processes for lot tracking, formula and lab management, quality control (QC) and customer relationship management (CRM), to run its business.


Having those "islands of information" made it difficult for D-A Lubricant to ensure data integrity, said president Gisela Miller. "I'd often get several reports on the same subject that had conflicting numbers," she said.


Using multiple systems also made it difficult for D-A Lubricant to update its costs and pricing fast enough to keep pace with fluctuating raw material costs. Tracking formula revisions and creating regulatory documents was a time-consuming spreadsheet-based activity. And the company struggled to manage freight charges among its Indianapolis manufacturing facility and seven U.S. warehouses.


"We knew we needed a truly integrated chemical software solution designed for a company like us," Miller said. "We were impressed by DEACOM's functionality and the philosophy behind it - making complex business processes simple with one system."


By integrating all data in DEACOM, D-A Lubricant will be able to improve data integrity, visibility, and control. For example, the company will be able to perform mass price updates from a single screen in DEACOM. It can update a raw material cost, and have that change automatically affect all formulations and production jobs containing that part number.


"The way DEACOM handles freight was another big selling point," Miller said. "We loved that DEACOM can carry freight over to an income statement, let us mark up intercompany transfers to cover freight, and enter freight as a cost but not as revenue."


To learn more about the DEACOM Integrated Accounting and ERP Software System or to schedule an online demonstration, call 610-971-2278 ext. 15 or visit

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