Lubrication Engineers Launches New MONOLEC Engine Oils

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Lubrication Engineers Inc. (LE) introduced to the market two new natural gas engine oils: LE 8845 MONOLEC Natural Gas Engine Oil (SAE 15W-40) & LE 8945 MONOLEC Natural Gas Engine Oil (SAE 40). These superior, low ash natural gas engine oils have been specifically developed for use in stationary & mobile natural gas engines. The growing natural gas power industry has a requirement for high performance engine oils that can keep equipment clean, reliable & energy efficient.


The multi-grade 8845 & single grade 8945 are formulated using a synergistic blend of quality base fluids, salicylate detergent chemistry for exceptional deposit control / nitration resistance as well as LE Inc's exclusive wear reducing additive MONOLEC. This formula has been proven under severe operating conditions in a variety of engine OEM's to decrease friction, remove heat, minimize wear & keep engine components clean.


Key product features/benefits include excellent oxidation stability & nitration resistance resulting in extended oil life. The efficient detergent/dispersant additives help to maintain engine cleanliness and the engine oils minimize valve seat recession. Engines also receive improved wear protection due to MONOLEC and the oils other superior wear reducing additives.


LE 8845 & 8945 MONOLEC Natural Gas Engine Oils are recommended for use in stationary gas engines used for power generation or natural gas pumping operations. They can also be used with spark plug ignited engines that have an operating range up to 3,000 horsepower. The oils also meet the performance requirements for mobile applications such as buses using Cummins, Detroit Diesel etc engines. Performance requirements are met for original equipment manufacturers such as Caterpillar (3600), GE Jenbacher, Wartsila & Waukesha.


"These are important additions to our range of high performance lubricants and meet a developing market's growing demand for quality natural gas engine oils. MONOLEC will make a big difference for our valued customers by increasing levels of wear protection for their expensive natural gas engines," said Scott Schwindaman, president, Lubrication Engineers.

What is MONOLEC?

MONOLEC is LE's proprietary wear reducing additive which increases oil film strength & reduces friction, heat & wear by separating moving metal components & minimizing metal-to-metal contact. Should the oil's film strength break down, MONOLEC reacts chemically to form a protective, synthetic lubricant which increases the lubricant's film strength. It is a mono-molecular liquid chemical synthetic lubricant; the molecules form a single layer on metal surfaces to protect against metal-to-metal contact. It has been proven to reduce friction by 24.2 percent. Less friction = less energy = cost savings.


Lubrication Engineers has been a leader in lubricants since 1951. LE manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of heavy-duty, premium quality lubricants formulated from the highest quality select base stocks. These lubricants are manufactured under an ISO9001 certified quality system at a state of the art plant in Wichita, Kan. LE's objective: increase your profitability. LE products are designed to increase profitability through: longer equipment life, extended service intervals (reduced lubricant consumption), energy reductions, reliability (less downtime), fewer repairs (fewer parts & less labor) as well as less inventory (multi-purpose products) LE products are available worldwide (outside USA, Canada and Mexico) through LE International AG's network of more than 60 distributors.

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