Chambersburg Waste Paper to Implement OPS-1 System on Fleet

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Oil Purification Systems (OPS), the leader in fluid cleaning technology, announced that Chambersburg Waste Paper Company Inc. (CWP), a Pennsylvania waste and recycling company, has implemented the OPS-1 on-board oil refining system on its entire fleet of vehicles. By significantly extending the time between oil changes, CWP expects to save more than 4,000 quarts of oil each year with the OPS-1 implementation, while also reducing harmful effects on the environment. CWP predicts that it will be able to run its vehicles at least 90,000 miles between oil changes. 


“We initially became interested in the OPS-1 system because of the strong environmental benefits that it offers,” said Kelly Adams, president of CWP. “Because we are changing the oil on our vehicles so much less frequently, while also running with cleaner oil, we are also putting much less oil waste back into the environment. While the environmental factor was the initial draw, we very quickly realized what a strong economic payback we would have with the OPS-1 system as well.”       


CWP recycles all grades of paper, corrugated materials, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, plastic, glass and paper stock roll conversion. The company provides disposal of municipal and residual waste, with pickups on a scheduled, on-call, temporary or one-time basis, using only approved sites. CWP offers waste stream analysis to maximize recycling and minimize waste disposal, and staffs bonded personnel for labor-intensive cleanouts. CWP also provides services for contractors, manufacturers, distributors and homeowners for remodeling and cleanouts.  


Greg Slawson, chief operating officer for OPS, said, “As environmental sustainability continues to play a role in many corporate decisions, CWP is a company that is aggressively using technology to help do its part in protecting the environment. Now more than ever, technology like the OPS-1 system will not only help CWP reduce its oil waste, but will also help the company save money in the process.”  


About Chambersburg Waste Paper Company Inc.

Chambersburg Waste Paper Company Inc. (CWP), founded in 1974 by Glen W. Adams, was originally located in the Borough of Chambersburg, Pa. Since 1976, the company has expanded numerous times to today's modern 75,000 square foot facility. The company has grown from one down stroke baler to its current computerized automated system consisting of two fully automated two-ram balers, with the capability to bale up to 50 tons of recyclable material per hour. In 1988, in order to meet the growing demand of local residents and municipalities, CWP opened a recycling buyback center where the general public is paid fair market value for recyclables. In 1989, CWP expanded its roll-off division to meet the growing recycling demand. This expansion led to the establishment of the waste disposal division.

About Oil Purification Systems

Oil Purification Systems, Inc. manufactures a family of fluid cleaning products, including the OPS-1 on board fluid cleaning system, which removes the solid and liquid contaminants from engine oil, virtually eliminating the need for routine oil changes. The OPS-1  is used by hundreds of fleets on thousands of vehicles and generators in trucking, busing, construction, mining and many other applications. OPS-1users have dramatically reduced oil consumption, cut oil maintenance costs by 80 percent, and extended equipment life. OPS-1 is also an effective solution for corporate environmental sustainability programs. Founded in 2002, OPS is headquartered in Shelton, Conn., and has production facilities in Waterbury, Conn.

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