Timken Adds New Delivery Devices to Lubrication Line

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Building on its extensive line of industrial lubricants, The Timken Company is adding several innovative lubrication devices: grease guns, pumps and kits.

The new products will be introduced in Europe this month. They complement Timken's ability to meet maintenance needs beyond bearings with friction management solutions that keep businesses running smoothly. They're grounded in the company's knowledge of motion, lubrication, friction and metallurgy to help extend bearing life.


The guns and pumps are high-quality maintenance products that help decrease both machinery downtime and operating costs. They include:

·        Deluxe series lever-type grease gun with metal barrel

·        18-volt battery-powered grease gun

·        Standard-duty, high-pressure 55:1 grease pump

·        Heavy-duty, high-pressure 55:1 grease pump


"Customers turn to Timken for our extensive knowledge in friction-management solutions to keep their businesses running smoothly," said David A. Pierman, manager of Timken's lubricant and lubricant-delivery systems for the Distribution & Services group. "Adding these lubricant delivery devices to our product portfolio provides our customers with the opportunity to achieve maximum machinery operation. They can use a Timken grease gun to deliver genuine Timken grease to their Timken bearings."


Proper lubrication is critical to machine performance and component longevity. Research indicates that more than 50 percent of all bearing damage is related to inadequate or improper lubrication.


Product specifics include:

·        Deluxe series lever-type grease gun: Made of tough, high-pressure cast iron which makes it unique in comparison to common pot metal or other die cast heads;

·        Engineered to be easy to load, deliver grease evenly and withstand the hardest working conditions.

·        Battery-powered grease gun: Powerful 18-volt rechargeable battery to grease more machinery in less time;

·        Packaged with an extra battery to further minimize down-time and reduce wait-time for battery recharge.

·        Standard-duty, high-pressure 55:1 grease pump: Handles all types of grease, up to and including National Lubricant Grease Institute (NLGI) 2, directly from 35 lb., 120 lb. and 400 lb. grease containers;

·        Designed for portable and stationery systems that include pipe lines, hose reels and control handles;

·        Highly efficient double-action pump design assures even flow of fluid, low noise level and low air consumption with built-in exhaust mufflers.

·        Heavy-duty, high-pressure 55:1 grease pump: Handles all types of grease, up to and including NLGI 3, directly form 120-pound and 400-pound grease containers;

·        Designed for applications with long dispensing lines where low pressure would limit pump performance. It is also optimum for cold weather conditions and severe-duty operations;

·        Double-acting priming piston requires fewer cycles and produces less wear, thus increasing the life of the pump.

·        Kits: Available for both the grease guns and grease pumps for hassle-free installation and operation;

·        Grease gun kits include Timken Premium All-Purpose Industrial Grease and accessories and replacement parts. Grease pump kits include mounting adapters, drum covers and connecting hose installation hook-up kits.

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