IPC's Lab Offers Filter Membrane Compatibility and Studies

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International Products Corporation's research laboratory is now capable of performing filter membrane compatibility and performance studies using a versatile lab filtration system.


"We have the ability to evaluate any type of membrane media, from UF to RO, and its interaction with different cleaners," says president Kathy Wyrofsky. "Our goal is to be able to recommend the most effective cleaner for your specific application by working with your soil and membrane to help you achieve maximum flux results."


A typical cleaning profile using a 2 percent MICRO-90 Concentrated Cleaning solution was successfully matched to a current UF system. A soluble oil coolant regularly fouled a polymer membrane with a 100,000 molecular weight cut-off threshold. After testing a dozen cleaners, MICRO-90 was the clear choice for this system. With MICRO-90 as part of a regular preventive maintenance schedule, the flux recovery exceeded 100 percent.


Significant efficiencies are realized when the right cleaner is matched to a specific UF or RO system. Many commodity chemicals will improve the flux to about 85 percent, maybe even as high as 90 percent recovery; however, a matched specialty cleaner that pushes the performance higher by even a few tenths of a percent translates into thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of gallons of additional, successfully-processed water, extended membrane life, reduced downtime, and lower operating costs. The lab unit can be tailored to mimic real-life filtration scenarios.


There are an unlimited number of test scenarios possible. According to research scientist Al Gabbianelli, "We have a variety of membrane substrates with different pore sizes to test. Plus, by adjusting variables like permeate pressure, hydraulic pressure, circulation time, concentration, and shim gap an optimum flux rate can be determined. As our database grows, we're finding that we can hone in on the best cleaner match rather quickly. We have found that some cleaners actually contribute to the reduction of flux."


Test inquiries should be directed to the Filter Membrane Laboratory of International Products Corporation by e-mailing mkt@ipcol.com or calling 609-386-8770. You may also complete a form online at http://www.ipcol.com/membranetest.


International Products Corporation specializes in the manufacture and distribution of environmentally friendly specialty cleaners and temporary assembly lubricants at its ISO 9001-Certified, state-of-the-art manufacturing, packaging and warehousing facility in Burlington, N.J. Free samples of products, including Micro-90, are available upon request.

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