International Energy Products Unveils Lubrication Technology

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

International Energy Products announces a major lubrication technology advancement: Boron CLS Bond.


This technology, Boron CLS Bond, was developed at Argonne National Laboratory on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy. This non-toxic,biodegradeable product reduces energy consumption, reduces GHG emissions, saves fuels, increase the life of equipment. The product is more advanced than any other type of similar lubricant. This product has been subjected to rigorous user field tests and extensive laboratory testing for several years. It has also been verified by a world-recognized, accredited international agency to: increase lubricity, reduce friction, increase horsepower and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is marketed as Motorsilk.


Motorsilk is listed in the GHG (greenhouse gas) Clean Projects Registry for "Mobile GHG Reductions." By using this product, GHG carbon credits can be calculated, accumulated and sold in international markets for cash. It is reported to be the only engine treatment and fuel treatment to qualify for carbon offsets or credits. In addition, use of this fuel additive is particularly important in view of the stringent U.S. standards to reduce sulfur content in fuel through the use of ultralow sulfur diesel fuel and the need for added injector lubricant. Lubrisilk is a fuel additive which lubricates the injection and fuel system components of the engine. It compliments and enhances the benefits of Motorsilk.

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