LPS Introduces Bearing Greases to ThermaPlex Line

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LPS Laboratories announced the introduction of two new bearing greases to its ThermaPlex line of bearing greases: ThermaPlex Bio-Green Bearing Grease and ThermaPlex CS Moly Bearing Grease.

Bio Green Bearing Grease is an environmentally responsible, premium-performance, biodegradable grease. Bio Green is an NLGI 2 grease that prolongs bearing life and provides outstanding extreme pressure performance, superior rust and corrosion protection, and exceptional water resistance. Bio Green is qualified to the USDA Biopreferred program.

CS Moly Bearing Grease is a premium-performance, calcium sulfonate grease that is enhanced with molybdenum disulfide. CS Moly is an NLGI 2 grease that reduces wear from vibration and prolongs bearing life. CS Moly has a very high load carrying capacity, superior water resistance, and provides excellent rust and corrosion protection.

Both Bio-Green Bearing Grease and CS Moly Bearing Grease are available in a 14.1-ounce cartridge and a 35-pound pail.

For additional information on ThermaPlex Bio-Green Bearing Grease or ThermaPlex CS Moly Bearing Grease, visit www.lpslabs.com.

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