Abanaki Delivers Compact Oil-Skimming Power with Disk Skimmer

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

Abanaki Corporation announced that its disk-type oil skimmer – with 1/2-inch x 12-inch plastic disk and 110-volt fan-cooled gear motor – is a compact, economical powerhouse for removing unwanted tramp oils from coolants and parts washers. The skim disk is twice the thickness of competing disks, making it tough against the heat that warps other manufacturers' disks. And the unique boomerang-shape wiper blade extends over the edge of the receiving trough, providing an extra inch of wiping area and increasing the capacity of the skimmer. Furthermore, Abanaki's new "no drip" wiper holder system prevents oil from dripping where it isn't supposed to drip.


Abanaki's disk skimmer, constructed entirely of plastic and featuring plastic motor housing and frame, offers these advantages:

·        A durable engineered polymer housing that won't corrode

·        Capped troughs that prevent oil drips

·        A shaft sealed to prevent premature motor wear from oil contamination


Disk skimmers are a particularly good choice for mounting on drums and in places where the water level does not fluctuate and small oil-removal capacity is required.


To access the latest Abanaki Webinar on oil-skimming basics or find more information about Abanaki's oil-skimming products, visit www.abanaki.com/079.

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