Sinclair and POLARIS Launch Fluid Testing and Analysis Program

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POLARIS Laboratories and Sinclair Oil Lubricants announced the launch of the Sinclair Fluid Analysis Program. POLARIS will provide complete testing and analysis for oils, diesel fuel, coolants and water-based fluids for the new Sinclair Oil program so that users may identify minor equipment problems before they become major failures. By identifying dirt, wear particles and other contaminants that can cause failure or prematurely shorten equipment life, users can increase equipment reliability and minimize downtime.


"Sinclair Oil is proud to offer a broad spectrum of quality products to its customers,” said Greg Iverson, Sinclair Oil lubricant marketing manager. “A high-quality fluid analysis program is one additional way we can offer our lubricant customers solutions that will benefit their businesses. POLARIS provides the technical strength Sinclair customers need to maximize equipment life and effectively manage efficiency.”


POLARIS Laboratories is ISO 17025 A2LA accredited – the highest level of quality attainable by a testing laboratory. The accreditation ensures that POLARIS fluid analysis results are accurate, repeatable and traceable to a standard and that all maintenance recommendations are useful and actionable.


“POLARIS Laboratories is looking forward to providing Sinclair Oil with a value-added service that complements its well-established commitment to Sinclair customers,” said Brett Minges, POLARIS vice president of sales. “This new partnership will give Sinclair Oil customers a solutions-based approach to maintenance backed by a high quality testing laboratory.”


The program also allows Sinclair Oil customers to access test results and laboratory maintenance recommendations quickly using HORIZON, POLARIS’ free, online reporting application. Customers can view data analysis reports almost immediately after the lab processes a sample and

interprets the results.


The Sinclair Fluid Analysis program will be made available through its broad network of distributors located throughout the organization’s 22-state marketing area.


About POLARIS Laboratories

POLARIS Laboratories, provides complete testing and analysis for oils, fuels, coolants and metal-working fluids. Its customer base is diverse with a heavy emphasis on the mining, construction, oil and gas, transportation, industrial and power generation industries. Headquartered in Indianapolis since 1999, POLARIS has grown from a staff of five, to more than 120 employees with laboratories also located in Houston, Salt Lake City and Edmonton. State-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation, highly skilled laboratory technicians and data analysts and an international team of technical sales and service professionals have positioned POLARIS at the forefront of the oil analysis industry.

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