Mixer Technologies Launches Rotary Mixer for Petrochemicals

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Mixer Technologies Inc. recently launched its new SA-400 Rotary Mixer, a self-actuating mixer designed for the petrochemical industry. The SA-400 allows for in-tank mixing and blending of large volumes of petrochemical material.

Able to be used with a wide variety of materials including crude oil, biodiesel, gasoline, diluted bitumen (synthetic crude) and heavy fuel oil, the mixer can be configured and customized to fit various tank sizes, product flow rates and material composition. The SA-400’s rotational speed also can be adjusted depending on system outputs and material composition.

"Inspired by the simple, but effective design of a rotary sprinkler, the SA-400 has few internal parts, making it ideal for mixing and blending applications that can prove to be problematic for other mixers," says Jeff Heath, president and CEO of Mixer Technologies Inc. "The well-known issues with traditional propeller-style mixers have led to an increase in the use of jet mixers for blending. However, one of the shortcomings of other jet mixers is that the gears can become inefficient or clogged by the product being jetted, thereby preventing them from working properly." 

Mixer Technologies will sell the SA-400 domestically and internationally to companies in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the United States, Mexico and Canada, directly or through licensed representatives and resellers.

For more information, visit www.mixertech.com.

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