Polaris Laboratories Adds New Lab in Guatemala

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Fluid analysis provider Polaris Laboratories has extended its global reach with a new laboratory in Guatemala City.

Polaris Tribology Laboratory Central America, S.A., will provide oil analysis products and services throughout Central America, parts of Mexico and northern South America. Its customer base is diverse, serving road transport, power generation, industry, mining and construction as well as the agricultural applications that support the region's sugar cane industry.

According to Bryan Debshaw, Polaris Laboratories CEO, oil analysis can provide multiple benefits to Central American companies looking for ways to maximize equipment reliability and increase production.

“Sending regular oil samples to the laboratory for analysis monitors equipment and lubricant condition and will allow customers to identify and correct small problems before they cause major catastrophic failures,” Debshaw said. “They will also have access to extensive field support and training to help them develop and implement a successful oil analysis program.”

Once testing is completed, the company's team of lubricant specialists will analyze and interpret the data and add actionable maintenance recommendations to each test report. Customers will then have 24-hour access to the reports and extensive data-management tools through Horizon, the company's Web-based reporting application.

“Using multiple testing facilities that share one database gives global companies the ability to manage large equipment maintenance programs around the world from virtually anywhere,” Debshaw said. “This new facility will also expand the services and support we currently provide to our existing customers and private label programs with a presence in Central America.”

The Guatemala facility will operate according to the requirements of the Polaris Laboratories Quality System. For more information, visit www.polarislabs.com.

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