New Lubrizol Additive Meets California VOC Regulations

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Lubrizol has announced that its recently introduced AQUALOX 2335 water-based rust preventive additive for metal applications now meets the stringent volatile organic compound (VOC) reduction requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Rule 1144.

"Environmental concerns initiated by the state of California are a bellwether for legislative trends around the world,” said Derek Phillips, Lubrizol’s commercial manager of metal protection. “Similar air-quality mandates have already been introduced in New Jersey and Illinois. Lubrizol's AQUALOX 2335 technology enables customers to develop high-performance rust preventives to meet such stringent VOC and heavy-metal requirements."

Whether used as is or formulated to specific customer requirements, the new additive package is designed to protect metals against heavy-duty outdoor exposure and moderate-duty indoor storage conditions. The proprietary Lubrizol technology creates a protective barrier between the metal and the atmosphere to provide salt spray, humidity and acid fume protection comparable to that of solvent-based technologies. Its easy-to-remove, non-staining, waxy film offers adhesion to metal surfaces and cold-temperature flexibility, protecting metal materials, parts and components from the corrosive atmospheres associated with shipping and storage.

When custom formulated, AQUALOX 2335 can deliver a full range of film, wetting and coating characteristics to industrial metal manufacturing applications such as truck and trailer frames, farm machinery, tube and pipe, sheet and coil, construction equipment, small metal parts and components, wire rope and cable.

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