Millers Oils Unveils Oil-free Lubricant

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Millers Oils recently introduced an oil-free lubricant to improve manufacturing efficiency by eliminating the need to degrease manipulated tubes before welding. Solform 135 is a water-based gel that is designed to replace conventional oil- and soap-based tube-bending lubricants.

"Solform 135 has been specifically designed to solve a common manufacturing issue in the industry," said Martyn Mann, technical director for Millers Oils. "Our product enables our customers to eliminate a manufacturing process. By simplifying production, this gel can reduce costs, improve quality and increase efficiency."

Conventional products contain chlorinated paraffins that lead to corrosion of steel tubes after welding due to hydrochloric acid formation with moisture from the air. The standard solution to the problem has been to include a degreasing stage in the production process. Since it is water-based, Solform 135 gel eliminates this issue, so tubes can be welded immediately after bending.

Ideal for assemblies such as exhaust systems, Solform 135 gel can be applied via the mandrel lubrication system or hand-applied directly to the mandrel. The gel formulation is non-drip to provide a clean working environment and thickens under temperature, which means less product is required while improving tool life and reducing scrap, to generate significant process cost savings.

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