ASTM D7346 Approved as Pour Point Test Method for Petroleum Products

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Following a recent interlaboratory study program demonstrating a correlation between no-flow point and pour point analysis for petroleum products, ASTM has integrated pour point determination into the ASTM D7346 standard test method.

ASTM D7346 also includes no-flow point, which is described by this method as the temperature at which the fluid does not flow anymore due to high paraffin content or increase in viscosity.

"With the global industry shift from gasoline toward diesel fuels, cold flow properties are increasingly crucial to perform and are needed more frequently," says Sandra Chirk, PAC product manager. "Cold filter plugging point (CFPP), cloud and pour point are the current specification test methods used for predicting fuel’s flow behavior at low temperatures. However, a fourth critical property to determine is the no-flow point."

With the ASTM D7346 now including the pour point test method, the ISL MPP 5Gs analyzer is now in full compliance with ASTM D7346 and D7689 standards. The instrument currently is the only analyzer on the market that can determine the cloud, pour and no-flow point of petroleum products.

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