Mansfield, Lube-Tech Acquire Yocum Oil Businesses

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Mansfield Energy Corp. and Lube-Tech recently acquired the commercial fuels, lubricants and solutions businesses of Yocum Oil. The acquisition was a coordinated effort between Mansfield and Lube-Tech, with the commercial fuels business purchased by Mansfield and the lubricants and solutions business purchased by Lube-Tech. Lube-Tech will also provide fuel transportation and equipment service to Yocum Oil's fuel customers.

"We are excited to integrate our strengths with Mansfield's and Lube-Tech's excellence in automation, processes and market leadership," said Tim Yocum, CEO of Yocum Oil. "This combination will fully integrate our companies with a more extensive and successful network and allow us to better serve our customers through an enhanced product offering and higher levels of service."

Yocum Oil's fuel business should fit seamlessly into Mansfield's current fuel supply chain, and the integration into Mansfield's fuel service, supply and distribution network will enable them to broaden their service offering on a regional and national basis.

Combining Yocum Oil's lubricants and solutions businesses with Lube-Tech will result in an expanded product portfolio and a larger geographic footprint. Already a distributor of Mobil, Chevron and CAT lubricants, Lube-Tech will continue to provide the same products and services that customers have come to expect. In addition, Lube-Tech will support Yocum Oil customers with custom-blended lubricants and chemicals as well as recycling and equipment services.

"We are excited to add further scale to our market-leading lubricants business and believe operating our fuel transportation assets in conjunction with Mansfield's national supply and marketing system will enable us to deliver increased customer value," said Eric Jackson, Lube-Tech chief operating officer.

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