Oelheld Unveils New Cutting Oils

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Oelheld recently introduced a new series of high-performance neat-oil cutting fluids. Sulfol LCI is derived from low-aromatic, solvent-refined base oils and can be used with ferrous metals. The oils are formulated to deliver high aging stability and viscosity-temperature performance.

The fluids' unique composition incorporates the latest cutting oil technology with excellent wetting, cooling and lubricating properties as well as temporary corrosion protection, which can lead to improvements in surface quality and tool edge life.

The Sulfol LC-series cutting oils were developed especially for applications involving chipping with geometrically defined blades. For the various types of machining and materials, the oils have been divided into different groups with varying composition and 3 to 4 degrees of viscosity each.

The Sulfol LCI series, which consists of Sulfol LCI 850, 2200 and 3200, are designed for drilling, turning, milling, punching and deep-drawing with a variety of materials, including cast materials, non-alloy and alloyed heat-treated steel, nitride steel and tool steel.

The remaining oil film from Sulfol LCI provides temporary corrosion protection for inside storage for several weeks. The oils are also chlorine-free, which allows for easier disposal and recycling.

For more information, visit www.oelheld.com.

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