Cimcool Introduces New Line of Metalworking Fluids

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Cimcool recently launched a new line of metalworking fluids for use in both high-pressure systems and standard flood applications.

Cimpulse 51MP, Cimpulse 45MP and Cimpulse 33MP are multifunctional fluids that incorporate a hybrid blend of lubricants to deliver mix stability and reduced tool wear as well as provide long sump life. They are designed to allow metalworking shops to utilize one fluid in their entire shop. In most cases, a Cimpulse fluid can be used to consolidate all the different fluids being used within a plant.

Cimpulse 51MP, for example, is a multipurpose, non-chlorinated, triazine-free fluid that provides users high-pressure foam and corrosion control. It helps keep machines and parts clean and offers emulsion stability, long sump life and bio-control.

"We are confident that Cimcool’s Cimpulse metalworking fluids will change the way metalworking shops think about fluids," said Jack Teat, Cimcool Fluid Technology president. "We believe that a Cimpulse fluid can help all of our customers reduce their inventory and improve their metalworking operations."

In testing, Cimpulse 51MP delivered 20 percent lower foaming and 10 percent better cutting forces and grinding ratios compared to other metalworking fluids.

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