5200 Trivector Analyzer - The New Portable Minilab from CSI

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CSI has recently introduced the new 5200 Trivector Analyzer. The multiple analytical features of the 5200 meet many of the demanding requirements of the industry. These requirements are:

What makes it special? The 5200 minilab detects problems in hydraulics, gearboxes, pumps, engines, motors, turbines, presses, rolls and other oil-lubricated industrial machines. Figure 1 compares the capabilities of the 5200 minilab (includes the 5200, viscometer and microscope) with an industrial oil analysis laboratory.

Simple 1-2-3 Operation
The color-coded LEDs steps you through the simple 1-2-3 sequence. Spent fluid is pulled neatly into a waste container. This entire test sequence takes only five minutes per sample.

Test 1 is a precise measure of dielectric constant (or “permitivity”). This is a fingerprint for new oil identification and is a measure of oil degradation similar to TAN, TBN or oxidation.

Test 2 is a time-resolved dielectric measurement with switching electromagnetic fields. This is a measure of the settling characteristics of contaminants and wear debris. This test reports the ferrous index, contaminant index, large ferrous and non-ferrous indications and estimated water content.

Test 3 is an advanced design laser particle counter that measures particle counts in eight independent size ranges. These data are also reported as ISO and NAS codes.

Analytical Wear Debris Analysis
By taking an extra couple of minutes, the operator can prepare filter patches with separated ferrous and non-ferrous, and separated large and small particles for analytical wear debris analysis. This is appropriate when automatic measurements from the particle count, ferrous index, contaminate index, large ferrous indication, or large non-ferrous indication are in alarm. The operator creates filter patches of analytical wear debris analysis using the WDA port below Test 2.

Industry Standard Outputs
These parameters are outputted by the 5200 Trivector Analyzer:

Comprehensive Software
The 5200 minilab is operated using either OilView® software to trend, database, analyze, and report. OilView software consists of these modules that may be combined for specific purposes:

5200 - The Industrial Oil Analyzer
“Keep the oil clean, keep it dry, and keep it fit for use,” says product manager Ray Garvey. “This instrument is set apart by its excellent ability to detect and analyze the wide size range of wear and contamination particles that are found in troubled industrial machinery.”

CSI is the supplier of Reliability Based Maintenance™ products and services for industry. These include vibration, oil, ultrasonics, thermography, balancing, alignment, and motor analysis condition monitoring using portable and on-line instrumentation. CSI was formed in 1984 and is now a subsidiary of Emerson Electric.

Learn more about CSI by visiting their web site at: www.CSImeansReliability.com.

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