Spectro Releases Product for Analysis of Environmental or Industrial Samples

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation
Tags: bio-based lubricants, food grade lubricants

The SPECTRO GENESIS simultaneous ICP-OES spectrometer from Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH has been designed to offer a truly cost-effective alternative to flame AA or sequential ICP-OES for those requiring fast, reliable analysis of environmental or industrial samples.


For those new to the ICP-OES technique, pre-installed, factory calibrated methods for industrial and environmental analyses offer a truly painless introduction – SPECTRO GENESIS is the first and only ICP-OES spectrometer to offer this facility. The high speed of analysis, wide dynamic range (fewer dilutions) and absence of flammable gases with their attendant safety issues will all appeal to AA users – unattended operation with all its productivity benefits becomes a real opportunity.


SPECTRO GENESIS is all about reliability, stability and ease of use, according to Spectro. As in any spectrometer, the optical system is key, and the innovative ORCA (Optimized Rowland Circle Alignment) polychromator developed for this instrument provides the stability and performance for which this configuration is renowned, and at the same time a very compact design that may come as a surprise to those familiar with more traditional ICP-OES units.


The sample introduction system has short fluid paths, to ensure minimum stabilization and measurement times, and a pre-set, lock-in alignment mechanism for easy maintenance procedures. A powerful free-running 27.12 MHz generator means that plasma power is kept constant over a wide range of sample loads.  Instruments can be supplied with true radial or true axial plasma configurations to optimize performance for different sample types.


The CCD detector array can handle up to 8 signal decades – in concentration terms from ppb to percent – and complete spectra of every sample can be stored for later re-evaluation should that be necessary.


The SPECTRO GENESIS is a true workhorse ICP-OES, ideally suited to tasks like contaminated land investigations, PGMs and routine oil analysis.