LubriMatic Green Products Grease the Wheels of Progress

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Plews/Edelmann, a division of Tomkins Industrial and Automotive, is promoting the annual celebration of Earth Day by touting the benefits of LubriMatic Green, a premium-quality line of bio-based lubricants. Formulated from renewable vegetable oils grown in the U.S., LubriMatic Green products contain no zinc or chlorine, providing a safe, easy-to-use alternative to petroleum-based lubricants.


"The success of Earth Day is dependent on a billion acts of green choices that individuals can make every day to improve the environment, such as carpooling to work, using energy-saving light bulbs, and composting household organic waste," said Dave Babics, senior product manager for Plews/Edelmann. "LubriMatic Green products provide consumers with smart, Earth-friendly alternatives to petroleum-based lubricants that are not only better for the environment, they also work better."


Bio-based lubricants are manufactured from vegetable-base stocks, which have a naturally higher viscosity index than petroleum. With four times the natural lubricity of petroleum, the use of bio-based lubricants results in less friction, less heat and less wear.


Bio-based oil is also less likely to thin down at high temperatures, reducing overall operating temperatures and increasing lubrication safety, especially in high-speed applications.


LubriMatic Green products are ideal for the agricultural, transportation, industrial, marine, leisure/utility vehicle, outdoor power equipment, household maintenance, and do-it-yourself markets.


The line includes Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease, White Lithium Grease, Moly EP Grease, LMX "Red" Grease, Disc/Drum Brake Wheel Bearing Grease, 5th Wheel Trailer Grease, 80/90W Gear Oil, Bar & Chain Oil, and Air Tool Oil. Plews/Edelmann also offers LubriMagic, a bio-based, all-purpose lubricant and penetrant available in aerosol cans and trigger-spray pumps.


About Plews/Edelmann

The Plews/Edelmann division of Tomkins is a leading manufacturer and marketer of Edelmann power steering system products and fittings, Plews/LubriMatic lubrication equipment, Tru-Flate, Schrader, Amflo and Camel tire hardware and air accessories, and LubriMatic greases and oils for automotive, heavy-duty, marine and industrial applications.


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Tomkins is a world-class global engineering and manufacturing group with market and technical leadership across two businesses: Industrial & Automotive and Building Products. Its products are sold into a wide variety of end-markets.