Semi-Synthetic Metal-Cutting Fluids Resist Bacteria, Foaming

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Henkel Corporation has introduced two new water-soluble Multan metal removal lubricants formulated to generate minimal foam and be used continuously for years with minimal biological degradation. Users of traditional metal-cutting fluids often experience problems with foam buildup and bacteria growth. Excessive foam causes lubricant overflow and waste while bacteria growth generates odors, degrades the lubricant, and can cause operator health and safety concerns.

Both Multan B 236 and B 414 are semi-synthetic metal removal fluids for machining and grinding ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. These lubricants are designed for applications where soft water or process requirements make foam control difficult. These fluids provide superb wetting characteristics to maintain equipment, tooling and part cleanliness.

Suitable for most water conditions and multi-metal applications, Multan B 236 offers excellent performance on cast iron and steel, which require rapid cooling, corrosion protection and moderate lubrication. As this fluid rejects tramp oil, it maximizes fluid life without using routine additives.

Offering all the process advantages of Multan B 236, Multan B 414 also contains more oil and is formulated with additional extreme pressure additives. It can be used in most water conditions and will act as a universal lubricant on soft metals and more exotic alloys such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, inconel, brass or copper.

Multan B Series lubricants reduce overall processing cost, maximize tool life and productivity while eliminating smut and buildup on the machine interior, tools and finished parts. Once machining or grinding is complete, these products leave behind a very light film residue to protect parts during storage.

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