QinetiQ Fluid Condition Monitor Wins Silver Award from IBO

RP news wires, Noria Corporation

QinetiQ North America announced September 17 that its FluidScan handheld lubricant condition monitor has won a Silver Award for excellence from Instrument Business Outlook (IBO), a leading analytical and life science industry newsletter.


The FluidScan monitor, marketed by QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions Group subsidiary Spectro Inc. of Littleton, Mass., won the Silver Award in the “Portable Analytical Instrument Industrial Design” category. “The FluidScan’s innovative industrial design clearly distinguishes it by creating an appealing visual appearance and enhanced end-user experience,” the award announcement stated.


IBO is a subscription-based newsletter published twice monthly by Strategic Directions International Inc. (SDi), a management and marketing research firm dedicated to the analytical and life science instrument industry. Award candidates are chosen from new products IBO monitors through trade shows, trade publications and press releases. Award winners are selected solely based on their industrial designs. Criteria include aesthetics, functionality and features.


FluidScan is a handheld condition-based maintenance monitor that protects machinery by determining when a lubricant needs to be changed due to excessive contamination or degradation. Its detection capabilities can determine lubrication contamination, degradation and cross-contamination at the point of use by measuring key oil condition parameters in both synthetic and petroleum-based lubricants and fluids. FluidScan readily determines TAN (total acid number), TBN (total base number), oxidation, nitration, sulfation, additive depletion, incorrect lubricant, water, glycol, soot, glycerine and FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) in biodiesels.


About QinetiQ North America

QinetiQ North America delivers world-class technology and responsive solutions to government agencies and commercial customers for many of their most urgent and complex challenges. QinetiQ North America is an independent, innovative technology provider that earns over one billion dollars in revenue operating with small company speed and agility while leveraging significant global resources. More than 6,400 QinetiQ North America engineers, scientists and other professionals have the mission knowledge and proven, reliable performance to meet the rapidly changing demands of national defense, homeland security and information assurance customers.


About Spectro Inc.

Spectro Inc. became a part of QinetiQ North America’s Technology Solutions Group in 2008. It is based in Littleton, Mass., and specializes in instrumentation for machine condition monitoring. It is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of oil and fuel analysis equipment to the US military and a range of industries such as petrochemical, mining, power generation and commercial testing laboratories. Products include the SPECTROIL line of emission spectrometers for wear metal analysis, lubricant degradation/contamination analyzers, particle analysis instruments and complete turnkey systems for oil or fuel analysis laboratories that include all required instruments, software, installation, training and applications support.