CMS Adds Online Oil Analysis Laboratory Services

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Condition Monitoring Services Inc. has added a complete oil analysis laboratory to its repertoire of predictive maintenance solutions. CMS LabLogik’s online laboratory takes equipment monitoring to its highest level of efficiency and effectiveness with its unique capability of interpreting oil tests in order to predict the maintenance that your equipment will need.

An oil analysis program can be started at any time and is completely customized for each client. The program can be combined with other services, such as vibration and infrared analysis, to give clients a detailed snapshot of equipment condition.

A cornerstone of any reliability-based maintenance program should be used oil sampling and analysis. The program can be maintained fully in-house, or CMS technicians can acquire the samples during routine visits. An on-site oil sampling program is relatively easy to set up and many customers choose to manage their own. Through CMS LabLogik, customers gather oil samples in prepackaged and labeled containers, and send them to the lab for analysis. Within two to three business days, the results of each test are available on the lab Web site.

CMS LabLogik saves money by helping to keep mobile or stationary machinery running optimally, extending the life of equipment and helping to avoid unscheduled downtime.

For more information regarding CMS LabLogik or any of the company’s other services, contact Lindsey Pillow at 888)-359-3277 or, or visit

About Condition Monitoring Services Inc.
CMS offers a complete line of portable vibration analyzers, software, remote condition monitoring systems, consultation and field services. Its Azima DLI condition monitoring platform allows customers the option of a complete in-house reliability program including equipment start-up, analysis support and training. If resources are short or change, CMS personnel and support staff will provide temporary to permanent solutions for onsite field support, routine analysis and advanced diagnostic support staffed by more than 40 ANST certified vibration analysts and professional engineers.