Pennzoil Releases Ultra-Class Synthetic Motor Oil

Noria news wires
Tags: synthetic lubricants, motor oils, automotive

Pennzoil recently released a new formulation of its most technologically advanced full synthetic, Pennzoil Ultra. The proprietary formula of Pennzoil Ultra motor oil with hyper-cleansing technology is designed to far exceed automobile manufacturers' most stringent standards for cleanliness and protection.

The new formulation of the brand's ultra-class synthetic product is the result of a global team of scientists pursuing the goal of producing products that provide the ultimate clean for ultimate performance.

"Our goal in formulating Pennzoil Ultra is to design an oil that far exceeds the toughest standards for engine cleanliness, engineered to help keep a car's engine in pristine condition, close to the way it was the day it left the factory," said Bree Sandlin, Pennzoil’s global brand manager.

When it comes to pistons, the most difficult part of your engine to keep clean, Pennzoil Ultra helps keep pistons up to 65 percent cleaner than the toughest industry standards.

Recently, many major motor oil brands have shifted their focus from protection to a claim of "cleansing" in varying degrees. Protection is a mandatory attribute of a lubricant, and while motor oil is not usually thought of in the context of "clean," it is one of the most vital attributes of an oil. This year there has been a shift in the most recent industry-wide specification, ILSAC GF-5, which actually increased the level of cleanliness provided by a lubricant necessary to receive a passing mark.

"A clean engine is more efficient, can run longer, produces fewer emissions and can produce more power," said Dr. Robert Sutherland, Pennzoil’s technology manager. "As they burn gasoline, all engines produce carbon, soot, corrosive acids and other byproducts that can lead to sludge, varnish and other engine deposits. These deposits inside of an engine can hinder performance or longevity."

Using the standard measurement for piston cleanliness, the industry-required Sequence IIIG test for weighted piston deposits, new Pennzoil Ultra was tested against the leading synthetic motor oils in the marketplace. The Sequence IIIG procedure measures oil thickening and piston deposits during high-temperature conditions, inspecting pistons for deposits and varnish following the testing. An oil is scored on the level of piston deposit with a minimum rating of 4.0 required to pass. After the 100-hour test, Pennzoil Ultra far exceeded the minimum rating as well as its competitors' ratings.

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