Consequences of Using the Wrong Oil

Noria Corporation
Tags: turbine lubrication, water in oil

"What are the consequences of using an oil with anti-wear additives (ZDDP) in a steam turbine where it is recommended to use turbine oil?"

1. The polar nature of ZDDP will affect the air release, foaming and demulsibility characteristics of the oil. In other words, it is more likely to foam and retain air and water in suspension. This increases the risk of a wipe.

2. ZDDP hydrolyzes into hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid. Because water is always a risk in steam turbines, this is a concern.

3. While much less so than EP oil, ZDDP-based anti-wear oil can corrode babbitted surfaces.

4. ZDDP also might interfere with rust and corrosion inhibition.