N1 Technologies Introduces Nanotech Super Oils

Noria news wires
Tags: motor oils

N1 Technologies recently introduced a new series of motor oils and lubricants featuring advanced nanotechnology.

NanoSave N1 oils are designed to increase mileage, reduce friction heat and prevent wear by forming a protective shield around moving engine parts. This tribofilm, called NanoShield, slips into rough and creviced metal surfaces of engine parts to help prolong the operation and engine service life of any vehicle.

The NanoSave N1 series of oils incorporate tungsten nanospheres, which are only 10 nanometers in size. Because of their circular shape, these nanoparticles provide a rolling mechanism as the oil moves over engine parts and cut down on the wear of those parts, saving gas by reducing friction.

According to N1 Technologies, NanoSave N1 is the first commercial lubricant additive that uses advanced nanoscience to reduce high-load-level friction and wear. The engineering of these types of lubricants is the result of the collaboration of a team of chemists considered for the Nobel Prize.

NanoSave N1 currently is being sold as an oil additive and lube booster in the form of motor oil, synthetic oil, bearing grease and transmission fluid additives. For more information, visit www.N1Technologies.com.