Quaker State Introduces New Motor Oil

Noria news wires
Tags: motor oils, automotive

Quaker State recently introduced a new full-synthetic motor oil designed to give motorists a fuel-economy savings of an average of 5 cents per gallon while providing protection against friction-related wear.

The new full-synthetic additive package of Quaker State Ultimate Durability uses a proprietary moly formulation to help keep oil fresh, aiding fuel economy.

"More often than not, when a motor oil is formulated for fuel-economy benefits, other attributes of the oil, such as wear and oxidation control, are affected," says Jeff Hsu, Quaker State technology specialist. "However, Quaker State Ultimate Durability shows improved resistance to high rpm and power-related engine stress, all while providing the unsurpassed wear protection our consumers are accustomed to, with the added benefit of fuel economy."

The new Ultimate Durability motor oil contains additional anti-oxidation additives to fight engine oil aging as well as thermal and viscosity breakdown, helping to increase the overall length of an engine's life. It is ideal for use in both low and high temperatures, providing lubrication and protection against wear, especially as temperatures begin to rise.

Now through Aug. 15, with the Fuel Rewards Network program, drivers can save 20 cents per gallon on fuel purchases at participating Shell stations for every 5 quarts of Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic Motor Oil purchased at participating retail locations (20 cents per purchase of 5 quarts or 4 cents per purchase of each 1-quart bottle.)

For more information, visit www.QuakerState.com.