Cortec Unveils New Metalworking Fluid

Noria news wires
Tags: bio-based lubricants

Cortec recently announced a new metalworking fluid that is designed to offer long-term corrosion protection for machines and processed metals in a variety of soft- and hard-water environments.

Biodegradable and multi-functional, EcoLine is formulated with bio-based lubricants, additives and emulsifiers as a replacement for chlorinated products and mineral oils.

The high-tech concentrate contains 70-percent bio-based content and is ideally suited for applications such as heavy-duty rolling, grinding, extruding, stamping and cutting. It also works as preservative for hot, cold-rolled and galvanized steels during processing, storage and shipment.

The metalworking fluid was created for machine operations where long service life, excellent machining performance, health and environmental concerns are important factors for increased productivity. It cleans parts by removing contaminants while providing premium corrosion protection.

Not susceptible to bacteria growth, EcoLine metalworking fluid offers excellent lubricity, anti-wear and extreme-pressure properties. It also does not contain any chlorinated compounds, chromates or nitrites.

The fluid is supplied in concentrated form and requires mixing with water before use. When added to water, EcoLine develops a stable emulsion that provides cooling and little or no smoke during use. The product also conforms to ASTM D-1748, D-4627-86, D-4172 and D-6425, and is RoHS compliant.

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