Chevron Launches Premium Turbine Oil

Noria news wires
Tags: turbine lubrication

Chevron recently introduced its new GST Premium 32 turbine oil to meet the requirements of non-geared gas and steam turbines. Specifically formulated for use in turbines where extreme temperatures are experienced, the new oil is well suited for power generation applications in markets like petrochemical production, utilities and heavy industry.

The turbine oil combines highly refined Group II base stocks and a unique additive package to minimize the formation of deposits in reservoirs, high-temperature bearings and other hot areas of the turbine. It also offers oxidation and thermal stability for long service life at severe temperatures with excellent varnish control. GST Premium 32 is additionally suitable for industrial severe service applications requiring an R&O, ISO 32 circulating oil with extended service capability.

"Turbines are incredibly expensive and complicated pieces of equipment," said Jeff Snyder, Chevron's industrial brand specialist. "Regardless of the industry, the power production role they play is often critical. Any failures can have significant financial impact. Our new GST Premium 32 is designed to deliver long lubricant life, helping to minimize service intervals and to reduce component wear, ensuring equipment durability. We believe GST Premium 32 will help contribute to increased productivity and a better return on our customer's turbine investment."

Other features of the GST Premium 32 oils include rust and corrosion protection, a high viscosity index to ensure minimum viscosity change when variations in temperature occur, minimum foaming to help prevent sump overflow or erratic governor operation, fast air release to minimize the possibility of pump cavitation in systems with high circulation rates and lesser residence time, rapid water separation to facilitate water removal, and hydraulic fluid service for systems requiring an ISO 32 viscosity oil and pressures not exceeding 1,000 psi.

GST Premium 32 turbine oils are currently available across North America. For more information, visit