Oelheld Introduces New Grinding Oil

Noria news wires
Tags: industrial lubricants

Oelheld recently introduced a new multi-functional metalworking fluid for gear honing and grinding.

DiaGrind 535-5 grinding oil is produced from high-purity hydrocracked hydrocarbons with low aromatic content. Free of chlorine and heavy metals, it has excellent viscosity properties over a wide range of temperatures along with an ultra-low misting tendency. Due to the high quality of the base oil and additive package, the oil’s aging stability is also very good, and all additives used are physiologically safe.

Made in the United States, DiaGrind 535-5 is formulated to offer long life without adding regenerative additives. The oil contains heavy-duty extreme-pressure additives for enhanced performance. Surface-active agents allow for superior finish combined with cooling and lubricating properties.

With DiaGrind 535-5 tangential forces, workpiece temperature and grinding wheel wear are greatly reduced. The oil is also low foaming and has good flushing and cooling properties thanks to its low viscosity.

Applications for the grinding oil include all high-speed grinding and honing operations such as thread and groove grinding, non-ferrous metalwork (except copper) and highly alloyed chrome-nickel-steel.

The oil is gentle on machines and grinding wheels and has been endorsed by several major machine manufacturers.

For more information, visit www.oelheld.com