MRG Labs Partners with PanAn in China

Noria news wires
Tags: lubricant sampling

MRG Labs recently named PanAn Testing and Engineering Co. as the exclusive distributor of the Grease Thief sampling and testing products for China, Macau and Hong Kong.

Founded in 1998 by David G. Zhou, PanAn is a leading provider of sales, distribution and engineering support for high-quality laboratory equipment to the Chinese petrochemical industry for manufacturers such as Cannon, D-2, AD-Systems, Falex, Canty, PCS, Hydramotion, Thermaprobe and Zematra.

"We are excited to be working with the PanAn organization and David Zhou, leaders in the important Chinese market for petroleum products testing," says Rich Wurzbach, president of MRG Labs. "By adding the Grease Thief line of sampling and analysis products, they are opening the door for Chinese laboratories and lubricant users to expand testing to the many important grease-lubricated machines."

Runningland Metrology and Testing, which was also founded by Zhou, will offer expert grease analysis in the same markets using the Grease Thief analyzer technology.

"Now in addition to our fuel, lubricants and other condition-monitoring tools, we add grease analysis using the Grease Thief technology to serve our customer base that includes PetroChina, ZF, John Deere, Shell, Lubrizol, Air China, Boeing, Shanghai Metro and more," says Zhou. "With MRG Labs and the Grease Thief, we can now offer equipment and service solutions in partnership with the recognized technology leaders in in-service grease sampling and analysis solutions worldwide."

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