Berkebile Oil Introduces New Lubricant

Noria news wires
Tags: industrial lubricants

Berkebile Oil recently introduced a new penetrating lubricant and rust inhibitor that represents the company's entry into a new category of environmentally responsible lubricants. Protection First Class (PFC) incorporates 99-percent-pure cosmetic-grade lanolin as one of the product's key ingredients.

Although it is solvent free, PFC is designed to spray easily and to stick to surfaces. As it is being applied, the lubricant's high viscosity allows almost 100 percent of the product to stick to the targeted application area.

After application, PFC remains soft and pliable and forms a protective, friction-reducing film. In the case of small nicks and abrasions, the PFC coating will actually heal itself by flowing to fill small gaps in its protective surface, sealing out moisture and oxygen.

Unlike cutting equipment coated with solvent-based lubricants, blades coated with PFC won't cause browning or chemical burning when coming in contact with plants.

The PFC woolwax lanolin formula has been classified as a non-hazardous, non-toxic substance. Even in harsh arctic conditions, the lubricant won't freeze but will retain its lubricating characteristics, protecting metallic surfaces and allowing machinery, chains and moving parts to operate smoothly while its slick surface resists the accumulation of road debris and other foreign substances.

Protection First Class comes in a variety of container sizes, including a 15-ounce aerosol spray can, 1-gallon jug, 5-gallon bucket and 55-gallon drum.

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