GE Unveils New Video Borescope

Noria news wires
Tags: maintenance and reliability

GE recently introduced a new video borescope to enhance visual inspections of equipment across several industries. The GE Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe features state-of-the-art 3-D phase measurement and analysis along with Wi-Fi connectivity. The borescope's image quality and detection abilities are designed to streamline the inspection process and help to ensure the safety and integrity of assets while reducing downtime.

The GE Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe comes equipped with a touchscreen interface, on-screen keyboard and ergonomic buttons. Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) guides users through the inspection process and organizes results for simplified reporting.

Similar to GE's Mentor EM, the new borescope is built for real-time collaboration. Harnessing the power of the Internet, inspection technicians are able to connect directly with experts from the field to get advice, share screens and images of the inspection site, make notes, and assess the area. Users also have access to on-device manuals and context-based inspection support files.

The Quick Change probes and tip optics speed the inspection process by allowing technicians to identify more indications and collect more data with a single system. The 3-D phase measurement capabilities help determine indication depth and size for pitting, cracking and corrosion.

"The smallest indication on a turbine blade, engine or pipeline can have a monumental impact on how a piece of equipment operates," said Katie Bianchi with Remote Visual Inspection. "Employing NDT visual inspection tools such as the GE Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe provides technicians the needed visual agility and insight into the physical condition of equipment, allowing them to make faster and better-informed decisions, saving valuable downtime and resources, and ensuring the highest safety standards."

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