Oelheld Expands Coolant Line

Noria news wires
Tags: industrial lubricants

Oelheld recently expanded its line of water-miscible coolants with the introduction of AquaTec OH 3557. The semi-synthetic metalworking fluid is designed to provide excellent machining, reduced foaming and full corrosion protection over a wide range of manufacturing applications.

The combination of mineral oil with performance-enhancing additives helps ensure outstanding lubricity in metal cutting or forming. The fluid's modern emulsifier and stabilizer system offers long emulsion life in both stand-alone machines and central systems. Its highly stable formulation is all-metal compatible as well as boron-free and residue-free.

Like all AquaTec cutting fluids, AquaTec OH 3557 is free of chlorine and nitrite and is inhibited against nitrosamine formation.

Oelheld also introduced ControXid 1642 as a ready-to-use rust-protection fluid for coolant circuits based on synthetic, water-soluble corrosion inhibitors. It is extremely low foaming and affords reliable protection against corrosion as well as high resistance to fungal and bacterial contamination.

As a coolant for machine tool spindles, ControXid 1642 is not caustic and does not contain nitrites, chromates, heavy metals, phosphates, chlorine compounds or amines.

The fluid protects ferrous metals (steel and cast iron) against corrosion and has no effect on aluminum alloys, other nonferrous metals or mineral oil-based sealing materials.

For more information, visit www.oelheld.com.