Alemite Introduces Fluid Inventory Control Systems

Noria news wires
Tags: maintenance and reliability

Alemite recently introduced new fluid inventory control systems for vehicle maintenance applications. Designed to accurately track dispensed fluids, the RFC and RFC Plus systems provide wireless communication between the keypad and dispense valve with no hard wiring required.

Both systems can control portable fluid tanks and dispense in pints, quarts, gallons or liters. Installation is as simple as attaching dispense valves to the hoses and plugging keypads into a standard outlet.

The systems use direct-sequence spread spectrum radio frequency technology to prevent communication problems with other facility equipment. Supervisor and operator levels of security allow management to decide who can use, program and monitor the systems.

The RFC manages up to eight fluids and 30 simultaneous dispensing meters. It can be set up with 49 unique operation IDs and PIN numbers. The system’s built-in ticket printer also delivers a written record for each transaction.

The RFC Plus manages up to 16 fluids and 99 simultaneous dispensing locations. As many as 36 dispense keypads can be mounted in bays to maximize productivity. Unlimited job stacking enables technicians to select preloaded repair orders. The RFC Plus can also be set up with 250 unique operation IDs and PIN numbers. A PC interface offers enhanced capabilities and logical network setup.

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