Idemitsu Engine Oil Earns GM Approval

Noria news wires
Tags: automotive, motor oils

Idemitsu Lubricants America (ILA) recently announced that its SAE 0W-20 engine oil is the industry's first to achieve the next-generation dexos-1 approval from General Motors (GM).

To comply with future emission regulations and increased fuel economy standards, GM and other vehicle manufacturers are adding additional technology to their engines, which will require more demanding oil standards. Idemitsu's 0W-20 engine oil has been designed to meet the accelerating demands of these modern engines.

The engine oil is formulated to provide protection for turbocharged engines and suppress low-speed pre-ignition events. It features a high-quality, robust formulation developed specifically to conform to the most rigorous specifications in the industry.  

ILA's proprietary technology helped the company attain the required fuel economy and performance needed to meet and exceed GM requirements. In addition to carrying the new GM dexos-1:2015 license, ILA's 0W-20 engine oil also satisfies ILSAC GF-5 conditions.

"Idemitsu focused on lower viscosity oils intentionally," said Scott Rajala, senior chief engineer at ILA. "As with our Asian OEM customers, the U.S. OEMs are now beginning to focus on the potential fuel-economy savings of lower viscosity engine oils. Idemitsu developed this innovative technology with the intention of being the leader in the OEM factory-fill market for fuel-economy engine oils."

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