Calumet Launches Group III Synthetic Base Oil

Noria news wires
Tags: synthetic lubricants

Calumet Specialty Products Partners recently launched the company's first American Petroleum Institute (API) Group III synthetic base oil.

CALPAR 4GIII is a paraffinic oil that has been formulated to meet the API's requirements for Group III base oils. The Group III classification characterizes the most highly refined base oil derived from crude oil, providing viscosity index levels above 120 and very high saturate content.

CALPAR 4GIII is intended for use in engine oil formulations to improve gas mileage, reduce emissions and extend oil change intervals. The oil is designed to offer low volatility, high viscosity index, low temperature properties and oxidation/thermal stability.

"We are very proud to be the first U.S.-based virgin producer of Group III base oil," said Bill Anderson, executive vice president of sales at Calumet Specialty Products Partners. "The addition of Group III production to our Shreveport product slate demonstrates Calumet's commitment to keeping up with today's evolving marketplace. This launch broadens and enhances our portfolio, which now includes products across Group I, Group II, Group III and Group V."

CALPAR 4GIII will be available to ship from Calumet's refinery in Shreveport, Louisiana, as well as its terminal in Burnham, Illinois.

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