Shell Introduces Trunk Piston Oils

Noria news wires
Tags: motor oils

Shell recently unveiled new trunk piston oils for the medium-speed engine market. The next-generation Argina and Gadinia oils incorporate base number (BN) retention and viscosity control to address the faster oxidation that leads to deposit formation or lubricant contamination.

The Argina range includes four grades: the BN20 Shell Argina S2 for residual, blended and distillate fuels; the "mainstream" Shell Argina S3 (BN30) and Shell Argina S4 (BN40); and Shell Argina S5 (BN55), which offers extra protection from deposits and extended oil life.

The Gadinia S3 is a new addition to the existing standard and anti-lacquer Gadinia variants. It was developed to control oil consumption in modern engines burning distillate fuels and features a comprehensive set of non-engine approvals for a wide range of non-engine shipboard applications.

In engine trials, the Argina and Gadinia oils avoided sludge formation, improved piston and crankcase cleanliness, and blocked deposit formation. Both oil types also offer improved detergency over previous Shell products and those from competitors.

"Compared with a high-performing industry reference oil, the new Shell Argina S5 shows a 12.6 percent improvement in BN retention and a 15-20 percent improvement in piston undercrown deposit thickness, for example," says Marcus Schaerer, Shell Marine global marketing manager. "For operators, this can translate into lower operating costs via longer oil life, less sweetening and reduced maintenance."

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