FilSon Introduces Coalesce Skids for Hydraulic and Lubricating Oils

Noria news wires
Tags: contamination control, oil filters

FilSon Filters recently introduced new Coalesce Skids (COS) to remove water and particles in hydraulic and lubricating oils.

The high-tech design includes a series of pre-filters, separators, coalescers and particulate removal filters. The coalesce purifiers are able to achieve water content of less than 100 parts per million.

The fully automated skids also incorporate a programmable logic controller (PLC) system along with an auto-water drain, which allows for continuous operation.

"FilSon coalesce skids are five-stage filtration systems with a hydrophilic medium that seamlessly removes water in oil," said Kunvine Lee, general manager for FilSon Filters.

To ensure safe operation, each coalesce skid is equipped with a differential pressure indicator to indicate when the filter elements are worn out and need replacement. A drip tray helps to control oil spillage and ensure a safe working area, while the energy-efficient motors and pumps are designed to offer quiet operation, long service and high suction capacity. The skids are also fitted with four wheels for easy mobility.

Recommended for a wide range of applications such as transformer, insulating, lubricating, hydraulic and turbine oils, the systems are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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