Lumax Introduces New Series of Fluid Extractors and Dispensers

Noria news wires
Tags: automotive

Lumax recently introduced a new series of fluid extractors to move fluids through dipstick tubes and filler ports. The extractors work by manual pump operation to create a vacuum, which is intended to provide greater mobility without the need for electricity or compressed air.

Suitable for brake fluid, engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid and water, the transfer pumps can be used for extracting fluids and changing engine oils and lubricants in gearboxes, all-terrain vehicles, farm equipment, motor bikes, snowmobiles, boats and watercrafts.

Each extractor includes a 60-inch PVC suction hose, two dipstick tubes and tube adapters. Along with an oil- and chemical-resistant polypropylene construction, the extractors also feature automatic overflow prevention, a quick-drain pour spout and decompression/exhaust valve for releasing negative pressure.

In addition, Lumax recently unveiled a new series of syringe-action fluid dispensers that can extract or dispense fluids into and out of small reservoirs. Designed for a variety of fluid-exchange applications, including auto, garage, home, industrial and marine use, each dispenser can fill or remove brake fluid, antifreeze, gear oil or power steering fluid. The lightweight dispensers also include a non-drip cap and a flexible tube for accessing reservoirs.

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