SKF Unveils New Metering Device for Single-line Lubrication Systems

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Tags: automatic lubrication

SKF recently introduced the industry’s first non-metallic metering device for single-line lubrication systems.

The Series 310 is engineered for precise metering of oil and fluid grease. It is compatible with all single-line lubrication pumps and is suitable for indoor use on small- to medium-sized machines in pre-lubrication applications such as machine tools, textiles, woodworking, food and beverage, printing and more.

Featuring a contemporary design, the metering device is constructed of high-performance PA66 resin and is intended to provide reliability for a minimum of 400,000 lubrication cycles. It has an operating temperature range from 41 to 122 degrees F (5 to 50 degrees C) and an operating pressure range from 174 to 435 psi (12 to 30 bar).

Utilizing plastic or metallic lines, the Series 310 is simple to install and can be mounted in either an upright or inverted position. It is offered with two-, three- or five-port manifolds and incorporates color-coded dosing elements for easy identification of various metering amounts to meet a wide variety of lubrication requirements. An end-of-line plug is also available.

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