Klϋber Unveils Low-noise Grease for Rolling Bearings

Noria news wires
Tags: greases

Klϋber Lubrication recently introduced a new low-noise rolling bearing grease for long-term lubrication applications.

The low-noise characteristic of the Klüberquiet BQ 72-72 grease makes it suitable for applications such as rolling bearings in electric motors, fans, air conditioners, generators and belt tighteners in cars, electric household appliances and office equipment. The new grease is also an option for the long-term or lifetime lubrication of capped or sealed deep-groove ball bearings.

Formulated to provide wear protection as well as allow for smooth running and extended service life, leading to cost savings, Klüberquiet 72-72 can operate across a wide service temperature range and perform well even at low temperatures.

Klϋber also unveiled a new series of long-term, high-viscosity greases for applications in the automotive industry.

Klübertemp GR M-N greases have shown a neutral behavior toward most plastics and elastomers, which allows them to be used for a variety of component materials, including electromechanical actuators and small gears. The new greases are based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE) oils and a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thickener to offer sliding friction properties across a wide service temperature range.

For more information, visit www.klueber.com.